How It Works

You don’t have to stay stuck with a house you cannot sell. We buy houses in any condition, fast, and in cash, with no fees or commission! Learn more about our process below. 

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The Process Of Selling To Us

We make selling your house fast and easy!

First Let's DISCUSS

Give us a call, 202-800-GIRL (4475) and let’s talk about your property. We provide a free consultation to discuss your house. We’ll go over the details of the property such as the location, condition, and any other information regarding the reason why the house is being ready to be sold. We’ll review your property and make you a cash offer within 24 hours or less!

Now let's Make an OFFER

Offers include the as-is condition of the property. We do not require you to make any repairs before selling.
When you decide to accept  the offer, we’ll need to set an appointment and present you with our written offer. Our offers are 100% yours, without any additional fees. We’ll pay all closing and transfer cost.
*Virtual Consultation & Sales Available

Then, We'll Give You CASH

Close and get the cash you deserve for your property!
Settlements are held at the title company near the area of the property’s location.
​Closing can be settled in as little as 7 days. We’ll also allow you to set the date at your convenience.

After the initial contact, one of our inspectors will come to assess your property. We rely on our assessor to give a fair assessment of the house and advice on the best price to pay for it.

Based on this assessment, the market’s prevailing conditions, and whether any repairs, fixes or upgrades are needed, you will get a fair offer from us. 

If you like our offer and agree to it, we move to close as fast as you want! 

When we agree on the price, you will receive a selling contract to review and sign. Feel free to take your time, go over the terms, and get back to us if anything is unclear. When everything is agreed upon, our escrow company will be in touch for the next steps of the process.

We try to make everything simple, and once you sign the closing documents, we move fast to finish the final steps. And just like that—CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’VE JUST SOLD YOUR HOUSE!

We Are Buying Houses Now!

All Cash, in any condition
Short Sale | Divorce | Foreclosure | Probate | Liens | Property Damage | And more!

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