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Why Invest With BGBH?

Black Girls Buy Houses offers you a wide range of property investment opportunities from single and multi-family homes up to large-scale apartment syndication deals to choose from. So whether you’re looking to buy and flip a property quickly or invest in a property that provides a longer-term stable return on investment we can work with you. If you’re ready to start just answer a few questions and you’ll be on the road to investing with Black Girls Buy Houses.

Investment Opportunities

Single & Multi-family Homes

Are you the type of investor who’s looking to make a profit quickly by buying, rehabbing, and then selling the property to a new homeowner? Or maybe you’re looking to own investment property, or properties, that you can rent out to provide yourself with a reliable source of long-term passive income. Either way, Black Girls Buy Houses can help you.

We connect investors with single & multi-family properties every day and can help you find the investment you’re looking for. Give us a call at 202-800-GIRL (4475) to learn more about investing with us or, if you’re ready to start investing click here and answer a few questions to get qualified.

Real Estate Syndication

Apartment Syndication

Apartment Syndication is the pooling of money from numerous investors that is used to buy an apartment building and execute the project’s business plan. It is used when buying large apartment buildings or communities that would be difficult or impossible for individual investors to purchase on their own. It allows companies like mine to pool our resources with others and share risks and returns.

The major investor benefit of apartment syndication is that, unlike investing in the stock market, it provides a low risk, stable, and predictable return on investment. A lot of people would love to benefit from owning an appreciating asset, like an apartment complex, that provides cash flow and a fixed rate of return. However, very few people have the ability to purchase a big apartment complex on their own. This is why joining our real estate investment group makes so much sense.

Give us a call at 202-800-4475 to learn more about Apartment Syndication or, if you’re ready to get started investing click here and answer a few questions to get qualified.

“I have had several transactions with Sunday of Black Girls Buy Houses, they are always quick and diligient when buying properties, no matter the timeframe. In this market, homeowners should always be afforded this level of help and persistence.” 

-Lamont G.

Property Investor