It’s a beautiful summer evening and you’ve just finished making dinner and are about to enjoy it with your family out on the patio when you get a call from your real estate agent who says, “There’s a buyer who wants to see the house tomorrow. Does 1:00 p.m. work for you?” Now you have to cut short your relaxing evening to vacuum, clear countertops, clean some rooms, and ask the kids to put away their toys.

During the showing you take the dog and kids to the neighborhood park. You come back an hour later only to find the buyer’s car still in the driveway so you walk around the block again, and again, until the coast is clear. Frustrated, maybe you wonder, why you’re putting yourself through this and if there’s a way of selling your house with limited or no showings.

How Many Showings Does it Take to Sell a Home?

For the last few years real estate has been a sellers’ market and homes have been selling with only a few showings. But, according to the analysts at Rocket Mortgage:

“As of spring 2022, there continues to be a sellers’ market in the United States. Housing inventory has remained low, and buyer demand has remained high. However, many real estate experts are predicting that buyers will not have to go to quite the same extremes they did in 2021 as far as bidding wars and seller accommodations – like forgoing the home inspection – are concerned. In fact, some are anticipating the rest of the 2022 real estate season to begin looking a little more “normal” as the market slowly begins to balance back out.”

In a normal real estate market you can expect to show your house 10 – 25 times in order to sell it. Even with an on-going shortage of housing stock as mortgage rates have risen to above 5% we are seeing a return to a normal real estate market.

Home sellers are feeling a bit uneasy about the direction of the real estate market these days as showings on many listed homes have slowed and buyers who are looking seem hesitant to make a quick offer.

How Can You Sell a Home Without Showings?

As has already been mentioned when you’re selling a house while living in it, showings are one of the most inconvenient steps. Also, the number of showings required to sell your home will depend on factors such as the level of competition in the market, whether the home is priced correctly, and if you’ve taken measures to fix up and stage the home to impress.

Unsurprisingly, you’re not alone in dreading the lack of privacy and added stress of showings, and there is an alternative. Sight-unseen offers from buyers have increased in recent years due to the development of virtual tours, video listings, and digital walkthroughs. Social distancing during the pandemic only accelerated those trends.

Also, an increasing number of homes are being sold with limited or no showings by selling them off-market to a real estate investor like us, Black Girls Buy Houses.

Off-market listings are property sales that take place outside of Multiple Listing Service (MLS) platforms. An off market listing is not advertised to the public and is therefore targeted to a smaller and much more specialized audience. The fact that these transactions take place outside of the market has made off market properties coveted by an increasing number of sophisticated real estate investors.

Working off-market has made it easier to sell your house without the need for showings. And, working with an investor you can get to the close in as little as 2 weeks with no extra fees, commissions or repairs to be made.

How Selling to an Investor Works

When working with an investor like us, we provide a free consultation to discuss your house. We’ll go over the details of the property such as the location, condition, and any other information regarding the reason why the house is being readied to be sold. We’ll then review your property and make you a competitive cash offer within 24 hours or less so you get a stress-free sale without having to deal with the inconvenience of repairs and showings.

Our offer will be on the as-is condition of your house. We do not require you to make any repairs before selling. Once you decide to accept our offer, we’ll set an appointment and present you with our written cash offer, without any additional fees. We’ll pay all closing and transfer costs.

Then, we’ll close and give you cash for your house. ​Closing can be settled in as little as 7 days. For your convenience we’ll also allow you to set the closing date. We want you to move on your schedule and to avoid double-moves and double‑mortgages. This results in an easier home sale for you.

In Conclusion

Having to deal with showings to sell your house can inconvenience you and your family as well as add unnecessary time to the process. An alternative that has been rising in frequency is to skip listings, showings, making repairs, and working with real estate agents buy selling your house for cash to an investor group like Black Girls Buy Houses.

Contact us if you want to learn more about how it selling to an investor works and what the advantages to you are. Or, if you’ve already made the decision, click here to get started on selling your home with no showings.

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