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 Learn why we’re not your typical off-market property buyers and why we’re on a mission to help solve the affordable housing crisis in America.


Meet Sunday McIlwain, CEO and Founder of Black Girls Buy Houses

“Helping homeowners through stressful situations is a privilege we don’t take lightly.”

Black Girls Buy Houses is a black, female-owned, off-market real estate investment firm that helps homeowners facing hardships save money and time, alleviate stressful situations, and prevent further financial debt. We help them find solutions and pride ourselves on being a service-based solution-oriented business that is down-to-earth and operates with empathy, trust, passion, and integrity.

Helping distressed homeowners through today’s stressful economic conditions is a specialty of Black Girls Buy Houses. This includes facing foreclosure, tax liens, a death in the family, non-paying tenants, damage requiring costly repairs, or a need to sell a house quickly. These conditions can make it difficult, or even unable, for the homeowner to sell their house. We work with our clients to find what options best fit the household.

Black Girls Buy Houses Founder and CEO, Sunday McIlwain

“We are an off-market real estate investment firm that helps homeowners who are in financial distress. We buy houses in any condition with cash, no fees, and close quickly and connect them to top investors who restore their value.”

Black Girls Buy Houses purchases houses in any condition with cash, does not charge commissions and closes quickly and easily so the homeowner can escape a stressful situation. We connect these distressed properties with carefully curated local top investors and developers who repair each property with care, restoring the home’s value and aesthetics, and adding to the overall value of the community. Knowing that we have helped families recover from economic hardship is the ultimate fulfillment of our mission.

 Creating community is one of our highest priorities. Black Girls Buy Houses also acquire multi-family dwellings through apartment syndication as a way to build and create more affordable housing. By collaborating with investors and individuals we have become able to help more members of the community. The goal is to help work investors so they are able to benefit from owning properties that would be difficult or impossible to purchase on their own. Our investor pool shares the risks and returns, as well as helps to address the affordable housing crisis, creating desperately needed housing.

 Black Girls Buy Houses provides a service that many members of our community are in need of. We have chosen to shoulder the responsibility of rebuilding our community so that people have safe and affordable places to live. Our clients know they can trust the creative solutions we provide for homeowners who need to move on from their homes, as well as our commitment to creating high-quality housing for those who can least afford it. Our clients are comforted knowing that when they sell us their house it will be a stress-free experience and ease their ability to be able to move on with their lives.

Featured Video: Sunday Mcllwain discusses creating Black Girls Buy Houses, LLC and her unique approach to real estate investing and shares her experience on receiving the Outstanding Leadership Award at the Realty 2.0 Conference held at The Mirage, Las Vegas, USA April 6-8th, 2022.

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