Reasons To Sell

Are you facing financial difficulties? Have you had a major life change? Do you need to move quickly? Do you have a house with extensive, costly damage or unmanageable tax liens?

There are many reasons why you could need to sell your house quickly and get cash in hand. We’re here to help! We provide a quick and simple sales process to every homeowner, providing solutions to homeownership problems. ​No matter the situation, we want to give you the highest and best offer for your house so you can move on with your life.

Avoid Foreclosure

Have you missed mortgage payments? Lost your job? Have an unexpected health situation? Has your income been reduced? If you know you are heading towards foreclosure because you won’t be able to make your payments, we may be able to help!

Most foreclosures go under the hammer at an auction, but the price is often less than the home’s value. For this reason, even when the lender forecloses and sells the property, they can come after you if the value of the sale is not equal to your debt obligation.

When you sell in advance of the foreclosure process, you are taking proactive steps before the lender does. Then you can salvage your home through a sale and settle what you owe, including taxes, missed deposits, and penalties attached –  before an auctioneer declares your home as sold.


Have you made some late payments and the bank is sending you notices and charging you late fees? Have you already missed some payments and gotten a notice from the bank that they are going to foreclose? Contact us immediately to avoid further foreclosure proceedings.

While it may make your mortgage payments disappear, a foreclosure’s damage is far-reaching. Not only do you possibly lose your home, but a foreclosure stays on your credit report for seven years, thereby rendering financial recovery nearly impossible. As such, you will likely face challenges to get financing for a new home or access quality credit for other projects in the near future.

Filing for bankruptcy is an option that some owners choose for mortgage forbearance. While we hope that your financial situation changes, the reality is that filing for bankruptcy is a temporary reprieve. It doesn’t take away your financial responsibility, and thus it only works when your financial hardships are for a short while.

Extensive Property Damage

Does your house have property damage from fire, mold, or water damage? Often times your Homeowners Insurance doesn’t cover the full cost of the repair leaving you with bills that may be beyond your ability to pay. Or maybe you weren’t able to keep up with necessary maintenance and need a new roof, driveway, or boiler and don’t have the funds for these essential repairs to keep your house in excellent condition. The expenses of house upkeep can add up fast and can be very difficult to keep up with.

If you’re weighing the aggravation and cost of repairs against the expense of selling your house we can help make the decision easier. Many people think that they have to make these repairs before they can sell their house. You do have another option: Black Girls Buy Houses can buy your house in as-is condition, with its needed repairs and all, and pay you cash for it, usually in less than a month. There’s no faster or more stress-free way to sell. And, it costs you nothing to get an offer from us, which you’re under no obligation to accept.

Owning a Rental Property with Delinquent Tenants

As a landlord, nothing is more frustrating than having tenants who don’t or can’t, pay the rent. One solution to this problem is to evict these delinquent tenants. But eviction can take a significant amount of time – often 6 to 12 months – and doesn’t quickly solve the problem, nor absolve you of the mortgage payments that still have to be made through this period of no rent collection.

Trying to remove this headache by selling the property via a traditional real estate transaction won’t solve your problem either. This is because the potential new owner, and probably their bank too, won’t allow the sale to close until the delinquent tenant’s issue is solved.

Black Girls Buy Houses can help you get out of this situation! Our Cash for Keys program will offer cash inducements to incentivize these delinquent tenants to move and then we will buy your house with cash so you can move on from this nightmare.

Need to Relocate Quickly

Have you gotten a new job and need to relocate quickly? Do you have a health situation that makes you want to be nearer to your health care services and providers? Do you want to move closer to your parents who are aging so you can be there to help them?

There can be many reasons why you want, or need, to move quickly and don’t have the time to deal with the traditional real estate process. Even a fast home sale takes up to three months to close once you put your house on the market and start receiving offers.

Black Girls Buy Houses can help you move quickly! Because we buy houses in as-is condition once you accept our cash offer we will close your sale in a matter of weeks, not months. Sometimes the complete sale can happen as fast as two weeks!

Unexpected Life Changes

Life has a way of throwing us unexpected curve balls that can cause financial distress when we are least prepared to deal with them.

Maybe you’re in the midst of a divorce and need to sell your house quickly to distribute assets as part of your settlement.

What if there’s a death in the family? Oftentimes, when our parents are gone, their house becomes an issue for the surviving children to deal with. Sometimes no one wants the house and sometimes there are disputes within the family over what to do with the house. Or maybe you’re the sole survivor and have inherited a property that you don’t want.

Another life change can be a major illness that brings unexpected bills that your insurance doesn’t pay. Or maybe your financial distress is caused by a job loss that leaves you with a mortgage that you can no longer afford.

All of these unexpected life changes are reasons why you might need to sell your house quickly for cash. If you find yourself in a situation like this we can help!

Avoid Commissions and Fees

If you have ever sold a house the traditional way then you are aware of realtor commissions and fees that get paid by the seller. These fees can take a significant bite into the equity you’ve built up in your home and can result in you walking away from the deal with significantly less cash than you had anticipated.

Typically the seller pays the real estate commissions to both the buyer’s and seller’s agent which generally averages 6% of the total purchase price. Additionally, sellers often pay for the buyer’s title insurance policy and also have to pay the buyer for property taxes if the taxes have not already been paid for the year. 

You can avoid paying those commissions and fees by selling your home to an investor like Black Girls Buy Houses. Oftentimes, when the commissions and fees are taken into consideration you can walk away from the closing table with more cash in hand than a traditional sale would net you.


If You Are Underwater

The last few years have been a seller’s market that has seen home values climb to tremendous heights. But, with rising interest rates and falling home prices, the market is changing into a buyer’s market.

If you bought your house in the last 5 years, or in the last 10 years with a minimum downpayment, you may soon find that you owe more on the mortgage than you can sell your house for. With a traditional real estate sale, you would be responsible for making up the difference with your mortgage holder.

If you find yourself underwater on your mortgage we can help! When you sell to an investor like Black Girls Buy Houses we can negotiate a settlement with your mortgage holder to purchase your house at its present market value which will release you from owing them the difference.

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